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King Academy of Martial Arts & Self-Defense (KAMAS) is a family operated academy that is solely focused on supporting individual student development with a teaching/training curriculum that is credentialed and affiliated with the world’s leading traditional martial arts associations. KAMAS teaches traditional martial arts, taught by certified instructors, in a positive environment that is conducive for instilling the key characteristics of honesty, courtesy, integrity, self-control, and perseverance in all students — regardless of age, skill level, or physical ability. Whether you seek instruction for yourself or your child, KAMAS offers unparalleled quality and value by providing the most versatile training curriculum, largest number of qualified instructors, and the greatest number of classes available to students of all levels. We welcome you to view the KAMAS schedule to find the best fit for you with our programs and your interest in studying martial arts. 

All of the instructors at KAMAS are talented and dedicated martial artists that maintain full-time careers outside of the academy and teach martial arts out of their passion for the arts and the joy of teaching. Their contributions to KAMAS extends the “family business” philosophy and commitment beyond the immediate members of the King family resulting in an environment that delivers an unparalleled learning experience for all students.



Master James King is a certified Master Instructor in Tang Soo Do (Dan # 33176).

Master King has been actively involved in teaching martial arts since receiving his 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 1995. Having had the pleasure of training in several disciplines, including Kempo and Hapkido, under leading instructors he committed himself to the study of traditional Tang Soo Do  in 2001.  His greatest joy and passion is to train/teach his children, each of whom maintain advanced ranks in the art, as well as all of the students enrolled in KAMAS the traditional art of Tang Soo Do.


Kyo Sah Jessica is a prodigy in the field of martial arts and began providing instruction at the age of 13. Currently, she holds a 2nd Degree (E Dan) Black Belt in Tang Soo Do ( Dan # 36246)
A better role model for children and teens would be hard to find, as Kyo Sah Jessica maintains a unique ability to connect with children of all ages and influence their development in the art of Tang Soo Do. Her advanced skill set and commitment to excellence inspires students of all ages and ranks and watching her compete in forms or sparring is a treat for all, albeit her competition.


Kyo Sah CJ began training in the art of Tang Soo Do at the age of 6 years old and currently holds a 3rd degree Black Belt (Sam Dan) in Tang Soo Do  (Dan # 37775)
Kyo Sah CJ’s dedication and commitment to excellence in the martial arts is evidenced by his continual participation in advanced training seminars and programs taught by leading Master Instructors.  Molded under the insightful instruction of a variety of Masters, beyond that of Master King, Kyo Sah CJ’s technical skills and knowledge of the art of Tang Soo Do is evidenced by award-wining performances in countless tournaments.
Students of all ages benefit greatly by the instruction and training Kyo Sah CJ provides at KAMAS Karate and his influence among children and teens is most impressive.


Kyo Sah Chelsea’s journey in the martial arts stared with the King Academy of Martial Arts when she was 5 years old.  Tiny in physical size and weight, Chelsea’s initial training days had her among the smallest students ever to train with Master King.  She currently holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt (E Dan) in Tang Soo Do  (Dan # 37783)
Watching Kyo Sah Chelsea train is an inspiration to all and a testament to the strength of mind and spirit of the martial arts exceeding the limitations of physical size and strength.  
She continues to develop her skills in Tang Soo Do upon her return from active duty with the United States Marine Corps. She is an instructor to the Karate Kids and Junior classes, and is also an active participant in the Adult program.


Jelendo Wallace is the owner of Self Defense Solutions of CT. He has over 20 years of martial arts experience and is best described as an eclectic martial artist, known for his ability to mix ideas, concepts, strategies, and training methods from various martial arts disciplines. He started his martial arts career by training in Tang Soo Do while in the military (USAF) and trained in Korea at the Osan Air Force Base. He is certified in Tang Soo Do under the Best Martial Arts Institute.

Master Wallace maintains certification and holds rank in Jeet Kune Do under both, Progressive Fighting Systems (PFS) and Tactical Solutions for Defense (TSD). He holds rank in Brazilian Jujitsu/grappling under the Academi Garcia/Andre of Brazil, and Team Link and the Asian Arts Club of CT.

Master Wallace adds to the KAMAS Karate curriculum by providing an alternative view/ spin to traditional martial arts training by focusing on the mixed martial arts with a practical street survival element. He constantly enhances his skills to deliver the latest in Self Defense Tactics, MMA Concepts, and Integrated Fitness Training to all students.

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